Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

We are here to award to Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, the Honorary Membership of the European Tourism Academy.

He asked me to speak from the heart, not from the books. This is not a “laudatio”, so I do not have to tell you almost anything about the curriculum vitae of Prof. Vongdara. You all know him, and what I can say is that he had an outstanding career as professor, as politician, as a member of the Party and a member of the Executive.

We all know how hard and sometimes painful is to increase our knowledge, to become experts in one area or another. Professor Vongdara had the chance to bring his theoretical and practical expertise and knowledge into the politics and executive matters.

Tourism is not an easy task. We consider that developing a quality tourism is at the crossroads of many domains of a nation’s life. The fine job done by Prof. Vongdara at the head of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, we consider to be the beginning of a globalization process of Laos tourism, and we hope in the very next future that Laos will become an important actor not only in the ASEAN and in the neighboring areas, but as a world preferred tourist destination.

Also from our hearts again congratulations for being awarded the highest tourism prize, the World Best Tourist Destination for 2013 to the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos by The European Council on Tourism and Trade.

We are congratulating you Academician Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara the newest member of European Tourism Academy.

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