European Council on Tourism and Trade high level delegation will begin a three -day visit to Almaty, on Monday April 20, 2015, to observe the potential role of the city as the starting point of SILK ROAD touring program.

It is worth mentioning that Almaty is also a strong candidate for World Winter Olympics of 2022.

almaty-visited by ECTT
Almaty-the starting point of Silk Road in Kazakhstan

The visit is part of a larger tour to assess the region role in international tourism and the chances to revive a Silk Road of tourism in XXI century with the support of European Council on Tourism and Trade prowess.

Almaty, known as the gate to the ancient Silk Road and crossroad between Europe and Asia, is competing against Beijing in a race that was reduced to two candidates after the withdrawal of four bidders because of financial and political concerns.

Blick auf Tian Shan Gebirge
Tien Shan mountain ridge towering over Almaty-the perfect winter sports place

The 5-member ECTT promotion commission, chaired by ECTT President Anton Caragea, will visit the proposed sports venues and meet with Kazakhstan government leaders to discuss their plans and promotion strategies in case of wining the bid.

European Council on Tourism and Trade has a long track record of promoting international candidature on a world level.

During last year`s European Council on Tourism and Trade has successfully supported Dubai as candidate city for World Expo 2020,Astana as host of World Expo 2017, both, candidatures crowned with clear successes.

We have to asses the growing demand for winter sport infrastructure in the region, but also the significance and relevance for the host city and region, and country of hosting winter games and sporting events, President Dr. Anton Caragea said.

Kazakhstan hosted the 2011 Asian Games, and will stage the Winter University Games in 2017 and also the World Expo in Astana.

 Almaty must be marketed as a clean, open, friendly city, with sophisticated touristic and sport infrastructure, with incredible landscape and powerful history, offering true winter conditions and plenty of real – not man-made – snow.

Almaty city is presenting the most compact bid in three decades, with all venues within a 30-kilometer (18-mile) radius of the Olympic Village.

Almaty has a projected a budget of $1.859 billion and an adjacent infrastructure budget of $1.636 billion.

It will be a pleasure for us to measure the developments of Almaty, a city that is capital for the region future and development, that is marked as the open gate towards Silk Road and that have a pivotal role for tourism in Central Asia, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-ECTT President.


European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) is one of the pivotal organizations involved in the re-birth of TOURISM ON SILK ROAD. A STRATEGY FOR XXI CENTURY.


This strategy was launched in 2010, during Professor Dr. Anton Caragea- ECTT President discussions with Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and in 2011 with Tajikistan President-Emomali Rahmon and will be given a new impetus during European Council on Tourism and Trade trip on the SILK ROAD.

The trip will start from Almaty and will continue to Shymkent, Taraz, Turkistan-Sauran and Kyzylorda during 20 to 29 April 2015. 

The Great Silk Road is rightly considered to be one of the remarkable achievements of the medieval civilizations.


It succeeded connecting countries and nations from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean and brings together material, art and spiritual cultures. 

This ancient Silk Road should become the backbone of tourism and travel industry of the region and have a powerful attraction that can lure world tourists and bring together handicrafts, technologies, ideas and beliefs.

Historical Landmarks on the Silk Road to be visited by ECTT 

Among the historical landmarks on the Great Silk Road are such cities as the ancient city of Mary-Merv, located in Turkmenistan and called by Arab historians the “father of the cities”, the majestic construction of Emir Timur epoch – the mausoleum of Hodja Ahmad Yassavi in the Kazakhstan historic town of Turkestan. 

The Great Silk Road however is not only the network of caravan trails and a number of cities and towns which used to be stopping places for traders. 

It is also a magnificent scenery: mountain peaks and alpine meadows of the Tien-Shan and the Pamir’s, sandy deserts intersected by a unique handmade construction – the Karakum Canal, glittering waters of Lake Issyk-Kul and relic pine forests of Borovoye, skiing resorts of Chimgan and Beldersay, picturesque Charvak water reservoir and a number of other notable places to visit. 

Those who fancy extreme tourism could try their strengths by mountaineering, down-stream boating or rafting on the rapid mountain rivers, or, just as ancient pilgrims did, to make a horseback riding or even more exotic camel riding along desert dunes.

On The Silk Road Today

Great Silk Road undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist routes of the world of today.  

It is much due to the revival of the Great Silk Road that the mankind has access to the global heritage of different nations that for thousands of years lived along this great transcontinental arterial road and that formed and matured their varied cultural wealth. 

European Council on Tourism and Trade had started with the help of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan from 2010 onwards to carve out a long-term tourist project aimed at the promotion of tourism in this region.  

Turkistan-the heart of Silk Road Project

Great Silk Road deserves   to be the center of attention,states Professor Dr. Anton Caragea

The Great Silk Road has not succeeded in penetrating the mass conscience of tourism because was carved out as an inter-nation project where a traveler is under the stress of visiting several countries. 

The revolutionary European Council on Tourism and Trade strategy is to market each country as a part of Silk Road adventure and to offer the experience each country at a time, giving tourists the time opportunity to learn about the past and the present of these countries. 

All of the landmarks along the route like many other historic monuments are major tourist attractions and should be visited by travelers all the year round. 

Also should be promoted the fact that some of the countries of the region relay strides to offer high-class services for tourists offering developed infrastructure and comfortable hotels. 

This country should be promoted and presented as offering the full experience of SILK ROAD IN XXI CENTURY. 

The visit of European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation from 20 to 29 April 2015 will offer to Kazakhstan the status of the homeland and main stop over on Silk Road re-birth strategy and together with Turkmenistan resurgence as a touristic hub will create a perfect strategy for Silk Road development.


SILK ROAD project is getting a major supporter in the presence of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his delegation in a tour around the ancient road of civilization and trade.

The discovery tour and familiarization trip by European Council on Tourism and Trade high level delegation will concentrate on the SILK ROAD in XXI century on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Blick auf Tian Shan Gebirge

The European Council on Tourism and Trade visit will start on Almaty-the father of apples city

The familiarization trip of European Council on Tourism and Trade will start on the Mountain of Tien Shian slopes where Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan is bidding for hosting the Olympics Games.

Almaty can become the starting point of a shorter version of Silk Road offering a venue for visiting Taraz, a cultural center connected with Central Asian folklore and the legend of Aisha Bibi and perfect equipped center for visits to the natural reserves of the area: Zhungar gates, Taskarkum, Ili delta, Balkhash, lltyn Emel National Park, Koksu Valley and Khan Tengri.

kazakhstan-perfect roads

Kazakhstan has constructed a perfect infrastructure for tourists  to exploit the Silk Road in comfort.

Another stopover for European Council on Tourism and Trade will be the modern city of Chimkent, that can offer to tourist the modern facilities and help them to discover the magic lands of Otrar, Sayram 9the 11 century center of Nestorians faith and the mausoleum and mosque of Aristan Bab.

Aristan Bab

Aristan Bab Mousoleum- a must see in Silk Road 

The delegation will be hosted for two days in the center of culture and art of Silk Road: Turkistan, home of majestic monuments like Hogea Ahmed Yasawi listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site and Friday Mosque on Kul Tobe hill and the perfect art monument of Rabiga Sultan Begim mausoleum.

Beach on_Kyzylorda-Syr Daria

Kyzylorda a city of history and leissure: beaches on the river banks 

The familiarization trip will continue towards Sauran-the former capital of White Horde and will be finalized on the ancient wall city of Kyzylorda, on the legendary banks of Syr Daria River.

The ten days familiarization trip of European Council on Tourism and Trade will be the main event in promoting the Silk Road program in 2015 and in offering limelight to the region and the necessary imagistic support for the development of tourism in South Kazakhstan.



The month of April 2015 was  witnessing extremely important events in the Central Asia tourism dynamics.


European Tourism Council President received in traditional manner on Ashgabat

Amongst Central Asian nations Turkmenistan is making headway with Ashgabad becoming the first ever WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov named as Academician of European Tourism Academy  and recognized as a World Leader in Tourism (2011).

With European Council on Tourism and Trade support and promotion Turkmenistan registered more than 1 million tourist`s per year.


ECTT President and Minister of Economy of Turkmenistan are holding regular consultation. 

Turkmenistan is also receiving on yearly basis since 2010 an European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation for a familiarization trip.


ECTT President-Dr. Anton Caragea is surrounded by the Turkmenistan National Musical Group

The tourism and cultural relations between Europe and Turkmenistan had entered into a new phase with the presence of the 5th European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) delegation in Turkmenistan.

The delegation toured Turkmenistan touristic facilities and hot spots in the framework of the annual ECTT visit during 6 to 12 April 2015.

Under the leadership of H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade, the European tourism delegation had marked the continuous development of the tourism cooperation between Europe and Turkmenistan.


ECTT delegation tours Konya-Urgench- a world cultural tourism site 

During the latest five cultural delegation` s European Council on Tourism and Trade has contributed with ideas and information’s to important tourism, cultural and academic events held in Turkmenistan under the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov supervision such as: Oguznama International Conference , Ethnography  Congress of Turkmenistan , International Congress of the 15 Anniversary of Turkmenistan Neutrality , Turkmenistan in the Epoch of New Revival and finally the International Congress dedicated to life and work of world renamed Turkmen poet: Nurmuhammet Andalip.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation visited the world heritage UNESCO site of Kunya-Urgench where they participated at the festivity dedicated to the great Turkmen poet Nurmuhammet Andalip works and visited the world renowned monuments of Sultan Tekesh, Sultan Ahmad and famous Sufi philosopher Nedjmedin Kubra.


President Anton Caragea received by the President of Parliament of Turkmenistan 

The European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation was received by Turkmen Parliament Presidency and hold talks at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy of Turkmenistan.

The parties had agreed on intensifying the bilateral relation, the tourism relation`s between Turkmenistan and European Council on Tourism and Trade being considered as excellent and was emphasized the need to foster economical cooperation dimension on bilateral relations.

During the dialogue with Turkmen authorities H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade was presented with the framework of State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan, who was established in 2012 and to the significance of the Committee for the Awaza National Tourist Zone.


Awaza tourist facilities created with European vision and Turkmenistan desire to become a touristic hot spot

During next year (2016) visit to Turkmenistan H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade promised that the familiarization trip will concentrate on Awaza tourist potential and will direct an awareness campaign for this region.

Turkmenistan Minister of Foreign Affairs who hosted the European Council on Tourism and Trade familiarization trip to country express his appreciation for the long term support and commitment offered by European Council on Tourism and Trade for tourism activities in Turkmenistan and for promoting the high standing of the country in the world and for promoting Turkmenistan as a safe and cultural first class destination in the world.


President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had decided in 2011 to build and international promote a special Caspian Sea, all year round, resort named “Awaza” National Tourist Zone development.

European Council on Tourism and Trade  visit Awaz
“Awaza” National Tourist Zone: a pole of development for CASPIAN SEA

The plans were supported by the expertise and cooperation of a European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) delegation that visited the country in 2010 and 2011.In the present stage of development , in Awaza has over 30 hospitality objects fully  functioning – comfortable hotels, recreation and health centers, cottage complexes, and other objects of the tourist infrastructure; they are capable to accommodate over 7,000 holiday-makers.

During summer season with European Council on Tourism and Trade promotion support, they are working to full capacity.

Since this year’s summer, with launching of the yacht-club, completely new for Turkmenistan sports – windsurfing, yachting and sailing, other water sports – are opened of the guests of resort.

 European Council on Tourism and Trade  visit to caspian Sea
ECTT delegation toured the Caspian Sea riviera

Intensive development of the pastime and amusements industry, the growing increase of the quality and range of services motivate the inflow of tourists to “Awaza” resort, which increases constantly its demand-driven occupancy capacities to meet the demands of various categories of holiday makers.

Thus, the projects of high-class five-star hotels (300-350-seat capacity), a network of economy-class hotels (3,000-seat total capacity), a many-profile sport complex, aqua park and the park with game attractions, new green-zone projects, and the projects of the artificial Awaza River shores landscaping were submitted to the Head of State for consideration.


The tourist inflow increase will entail increase of the number of service personnel of different specialization; many new jobs will appear in the course of the resort infrastructure development.

For the tourists travelling by car, one more many-tier parking ground will be built in “Avaza”.In the course of new projects presentation ceremony, the project of one more pleasure boat was submitted to the President of Turkmenistan for consideration.

To advance the marine intercity transport system, construction of marine passenger terminals is projected in the towns of Turkmenbashi and Hazar, and Gyzylsuv settlement .

Having approved the majority of the projects presented, the President of Turkmenistan gave a start for launching them by signing the relevant Resolutions. Thus, in compliance with the documents, in August of 2015, three new high-class (300-seat and more capacity) will be put into operation in the “Awaza” National Tourist Zone.

The European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation will attend the opening of the new resort and will outline new proposal for Turkmenistan President consideration.