SILK ROAD project is getting a major supporter in the presence of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his delegation in a tour around the ancient road of civilization and trade.

The discovery tour and familiarization trip by European Council on Tourism and Trade high level delegation will concentrate on the SILK ROAD in XXI century on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Blick auf Tian Shan Gebirge

The European Council on Tourism and Trade visit will start on Almaty-the father of apples city

The familiarization trip of European Council on Tourism and Trade will start on the Mountain of Tien Shian slopes where Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan is bidding for hosting the Olympics Games.

Almaty can become the starting point of a shorter version of Silk Road offering a venue for visiting Taraz, a cultural center connected with Central Asian folklore and the legend of Aisha Bibi and perfect equipped center for visits to the natural reserves of the area: Zhungar gates, Taskarkum, Ili delta, Balkhash, lltyn Emel National Park, Koksu Valley and Khan Tengri.

kazakhstan-perfect roads

Kazakhstan has constructed a perfect infrastructure for tourists  to exploit the Silk Road in comfort.

Another stopover for European Council on Tourism and Trade will be the modern city of Chimkent, that can offer to tourist the modern facilities and help them to discover the magic lands of Otrar, Sayram 9the 11 century center of Nestorians faith and the mausoleum and mosque of Aristan Bab.

Aristan Bab

Aristan Bab Mousoleum- a must see in Silk Road 

The delegation will be hosted for two days in the center of culture and art of Silk Road: Turkistan, home of majestic monuments like Hogea Ahmed Yasawi listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site and Friday Mosque on Kul Tobe hill and the perfect art monument of Rabiga Sultan Begim mausoleum.

Beach on_Kyzylorda-Syr Daria

Kyzylorda a city of history and leissure: beaches on the river banks 

The familiarization trip will continue towards Sauran-the former capital of White Horde and will be finalized on the ancient wall city of Kyzylorda, on the legendary banks of Syr Daria River.

The ten days familiarization trip of European Council on Tourism and Trade will be the main event in promoting the Silk Road program in 2015 and in offering limelight to the region and the necessary imagistic support for the development of tourism in South Kazakhstan.