President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had decided in 2011 to build and international promote a special Caspian Sea, all year round, resort named “Awaza” National Tourist Zone development.

European Council on Tourism and Trade  visit Awaz
“Awaza” National Tourist Zone: a pole of development for CASPIAN SEA

The plans were supported by the expertise and cooperation of a European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) delegation that visited the country in 2010 and 2011.In the present stage of development , in Awaza has over 30 hospitality objects fully  functioning – comfortable hotels, recreation and health centers, cottage complexes, and other objects of the tourist infrastructure; they are capable to accommodate over 7,000 holiday-makers.

During summer season with European Council on Tourism and Trade promotion support, they are working to full capacity.

Since this year’s summer, with launching of the yacht-club, completely new for Turkmenistan sports – windsurfing, yachting and sailing, other water sports – are opened of the guests of resort.

 European Council on Tourism and Trade  visit to caspian Sea
ECTT delegation toured the Caspian Sea riviera

Intensive development of the pastime and amusements industry, the growing increase of the quality and range of services motivate the inflow of tourists to “Awaza” resort, which increases constantly its demand-driven occupancy capacities to meet the demands of various categories of holiday makers.

Thus, the projects of high-class five-star hotels (300-350-seat capacity), a network of economy-class hotels (3,000-seat total capacity), a many-profile sport complex, aqua park and the park with game attractions, new green-zone projects, and the projects of the artificial Awaza River shores landscaping were submitted to the Head of State for consideration.


The tourist inflow increase will entail increase of the number of service personnel of different specialization; many new jobs will appear in the course of the resort infrastructure development.

For the tourists travelling by car, one more many-tier parking ground will be built in “Avaza”.In the course of new projects presentation ceremony, the project of one more pleasure boat was submitted to the President of Turkmenistan for consideration.

To advance the marine intercity transport system, construction of marine passenger terminals is projected in the towns of Turkmenbashi and Hazar, and Gyzylsuv settlement .

Having approved the majority of the projects presented, the President of Turkmenistan gave a start for launching them by signing the relevant Resolutions. Thus, in compliance with the documents, in August of 2015, three new high-class (300-seat and more capacity) will be put into operation in the “Awaza” National Tourist Zone.

The European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation will attend the opening of the new resort and will outline new proposal for Turkmenistan President consideration.