The ECTT Global Tourism Institution has succeeded in uniting the tourism sector in order to formulate and apply a sector-wide response to the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and hysteria.

Early on, the crisis EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY released the first set of global recommendations to support jobs and economies through tourism development and rapid restart.

At its July 2020 meeting, the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) decided to press for the rapid restarting of tourism as a necessary condition for creating jobs, prosperity, and leading peoples out of poverty.

The European Tourism Academy endorsed ECTT’s Global Vision to Restart Tourism by Certification, an action plan focused on the Priorities for Tourism RecoveryLeading Tourism’s Response

ECTT has been providing the marketing know-how and effective certification experience needed for a better understanding and more effective response to the pandemic and mass hysteria that followed, by:

Releasing regular updates of global travel conditions and promoting sustainable tourism restart.

Offering a worldwide overview of measures to support tourism

Tourism’s COVID-19 response has been furthered by the European Council on Tourism and Trade & European Tourism Academy by

Preparing the ECTT Global Vision for Development – Supporting World Economy Through Travel & Tourism

Producing a Technical Assistance Package

Formulating an inclusive response to protect vulnerable groups

Response for tourism COVID-19 induced crisis through Certification, Cleanness, Marketing and Modernization & Investments

International Protection of Tourists and Hospitality Industry

During August 2020 ECTT President Dr. Anton Caragea has started to press home the idea of restarting tourism and announced that WORLD TOURISM DAY 2020 will be celebrated as normal!

The base for the global tourism institution appeal for restart tourism is encompassing: encouraging people to travel again, developing hospitality industry response in order to ensure better lodging, food and safety condition for tourists and in lobbing governments to lift unnecessary and against human rights policies for SARS-OV-2 containment.

All this effort is based on a campaign for general awareness-raising through the #TravelToday campaign, promoted also by countries, destinations, private sector and media.

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