The European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) and the European Tourism Academy ETA) have published a set of recommendations for the certification and safely re-opening of the tourism and travel industry in the age of disruption of COVID-19.

The guidance and certification for hotels and destinations were released as part of a virtual meeting between ECTT President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and ETA Director-General Academician Mircea Constantinescu.

During the meeting, both leaders responsible for the development of travel and tourism sector will need to implement new measures, such as the ECTT Certification, fortify knowledge sharing and institute careful plans, to ensure that governments and tourism industries can operate safely in the age of COVID-19.

The Global Tourism Institutions (European Council on Tourism and Trade and European Tourism Academy) ECTT alongside members states, governments, experts, diplomats, tourism developers and other industry associations are working together to achieve effective tourism recovery certifications by developing meaningful action plans and activities that will allow for speedy and global recovery for tourism.

Part of our certification efforts includes offering the public & private sectors with the insights & toolkits for interaction & implementation to ensure that people are and feel safe however ECTT, our members and no-one in the travel sector can not guarantee absolute and 100% safety.

The Hotel GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION Seal and Plaque will give confidence to your tourists and guests and will restart tourism.

The certification is destined to create a future for the travel industry and tourist alike that is safe, secure, seamless and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the travelers across their journey`s;

The global tourism certification will support the livelihoods of millions and will contribute to sustainable tourism and economic growth.

The certifications are destined to align the private sector behind common standards to ensure the safety of its hospitality workforce and travelers as the sector shifts to normality.

In its first stage, the programme has registered 500 hotels and tourism entities across the globe that are trained and directed towards the completion and obtaining GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION-COVID-19 FREE HOTEL DESIGNATION.

Benefits to Certification for Hotels and Destinations-COVID-19 FREE DESIGNATION

The GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION (COVID-19 FREE HOTEL DESIGNATION) is a conformity assessment by one of our premier accredited auditors to show that your hotel or resort or destination meets the requirements of the GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION Standards on disaster and climate resilience.

The COVID-19 FREE HOTEL DESIGNATION is based on European Council on Tourism and Trade policies for restarting global tourism, on European Tourism Academy guidelines for combating COVID-19 and on World Health Organization tenents for hotels and tourism destinations in combating COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2.

Obtain The GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION and use the Hotel GOOD PRACTICES IN COMBATING COVID-19/SARS COV-2 CERTIFICATION Seal and Plaque and eMarketing material to demonstrate that you ensure guests, regulators and other stakeholders that the highest safety conditions are met.

Show your guests or the tourist visiting your country and destination you have gone the extra mile to enhance safety at your destination or hotel to the impacts of COVID-19, climate change, natural disasters, pandemics, and technological hazards.

Solidify your hotel’s or destination presence in the safe travel market and secure your reputation with tour operators, insurers and investors and regulators demonstrating to them in a measurable way that the highest disaster and climate resilience conditions are met.
We will enhance the marketing activities and increase the visibility of our member hotels and destination to better serve the market for safe travel.

Through our partnerships with leading tourism associations and promotional campaigns together with national governments and international organizations, we reach a wide audience interested in safer and more secure travel.