TheEuropean Tourism Academy is organising the 2018 edition of the European Tourism Day on 1st December in Bratislava.

 European Tourism Council President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea outlines the priorities for EUROPEAN TOURISM DAY.

In 2018 the EUROPEAN TOURISM DAY conference will address the topic of " EU tourism or European tourism" and will look into issues such as the role of tourism as a tool for building a self counscience and open Europe irrespective of borders as well as the future of tourism governance at EU, national and regional level.

The event will gather up to 200 participants, including European Council on Tourismand Trade officials, other representatives of the European Tourism Academy and high-level representatives of Parliamentary Assembly for Sustainable Development Goals,  public authorities at European national and regional level.

We’ll also line up representatives of prominent European sector associations, the tourism and travel industry as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Academician HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia and Global Ambassador for Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals will participate in the 2018 European Tourism Day.

Recognising the importance of tourism, Anton Caragea (Dr.), President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, will address the high-level conference on opportunities and challenges in the tourism sector, on December 1st.

The President address for the conference will highlight themes such as how to attract more investment, upgrade skills, and innovation and the digital economy in tourism, as well as promoting Europe as the number one tourist destination.

The objective of the conference will be to exchange views on existing and new challenges and opportunities of European and EU tourism and engage in a discussion about priorities for tourism under the new European Council on Tourism and Trade Framework from 2030 onwards.

We will debate about the necessary actions, actors and their roles at EU, national and regional level and will showcase best practices of turning challenges into opportunities.