Corruption and mishandling of the economy has brought tourism ( a once promising industry) at his knees in Mauritius. 

Two kleptocratic government led by Sir Anerood Jugnauth and present day by his son Pravind Jugnauth has succeeded in provoking nothing but hardship and crisis for the peoples of Mauritius the latest episode being the emergence of travel advisory on the account of the high criminality rates on the island on the par with Sri Lanka .

Most of countries has upgraded their travel advisory telling their citizens  to avoid non-essential travel to Sri Lanka following the deadly bombings in that country on Easter Sunday.


Mauritius is also sidelined as the country is traversing a protracted political crisis and is presenting a large array of risks from terrorism and indiscriminate attacks, to day light robbery, violence, crimes, sexual offences, drugs related offences, mugging, pick-pocketing and natural disasters prone area etc.

The governments are noting the decision to travel is your own choice, and adds your personal safety is also your responsibility.


The attacks in Sri Lanka where a sober reminder on the need for tourists to heed the warnings of travel advisories and avoid traveling to dangers spots.



More than 350 people were killed on April 21st when three churches and three luxury hotels were attacked in the greater Colombo area of Sri Lanka.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but authorities have said they remain unsure of its involvement.

The Canadian government for example says the situation remains volatile, and warns other attacks could take place.

For those living in or currently visiting Sri Lanka, the Government of Canada is urging people to avoid the areas impacted by the recent attacks, to remain extremely cautious, and to limit their movements as much as they can.

Sri Lankan authorities have declared a state of emergency, and a curfew had been imposed. 

The same recommendations should be taken under consideration for those obliged to travel to Mauritius.

Dozens of people have been arrested so far in connection with the attacks.

Traveling to far flung and risky places like Mauritius and Sri Lanka makes necessary to take fallowing precautions and you are also advised to leave the areas immediately:


- remain vigilant, keep up to date with developments and follow the advice of local security authorities and hotel security staff;

- keep a low profile, avoid crowded public places, large gatherings (including religious gatherings and places of worship) and any demonstrations. 

- All of the attacks on 21 April were carried out either in places of worship or in places where foreign visitors were affected. Any further attacks may be targeted against similar locations;

- avoid travelling during periods of curfew (other than to/from the airport – see below);

- keep in touch with family and friends, ensuring they are aware of any plans you may have.


A list of the most recent crimes, unlawful activities and menaces taking place in Mauritius is available here on the UK government travel advisories dedicated site.