The new waves of 2018 are reaching us reminding us the need to live life to the fullest and what way to do this better that with a perfect perfume of the season?

In this regard the advice of the perfumes masters and specialists across the world is unique: as winter is settling and cold season is embracing us, our body needs a perfect balance of Mandarin to reconnect us with the summer and warm tones of sun, coupled with the scent of Turkish rose renowned for aroma and stamina offering optimism to the wearer.

A good perfume for the season must also include the power and surplus of energy offered by cedar and musk.

The only perfume encapsulating all this points is the famous Regard Scintillant de Mille Beautés created by Dali Haute Parfumerie.

This is offering a unique combination for winter days, perfectly balanced to give dynamism and energy to the body, to offer the promise of summer and strength of cedar to take through the winters and all wrapped in the savor of  ambrette seeds known as “musk seeds” by royal perfumers in the 18th century, as their delicate scent also had a sensual and intimate dimension.

Reserved for rare fragrances, ambrette seeds are crushed and distilled to obtain ambrette butter, a waxy solid that is then washed to yield an absolute with a floral, fruity and musky smell.

As DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE has accustomed us the perfume bottle is also an art work, inspired by the  brooch “The Eye of Time”, created in 1949 as a gift to Gala Dali.

The outer boundaries of the product are encrusted with diamonds, in the corner of the “eye” is a ruby ​​cabochon cut, and in the middle is a Swiss clockwork.

Awe struck by the piercing strength of the Dalínian eye, Alberto Morillas decided to interpret it in this creation designed to tickle both the sight and spirit.

“The eye of time” inspires this bottle with its scintillating gaze, dazzling with endless beauty.

We are underlining that in May 2017, Dali Haute Parfumerie was selected as the winner of 2017 World Favourite Perfume designation and recognized as the leader and trend setter in this field of promoting perfume as a part of the high-life.

The  brooch “The Eye of Time”, created in 1949 as a gift to Gala Dali is the source of inspiration for another jewel carved by the DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE inspired team. 

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