On 27 September, as in every year, Europe will celebrate WORLD TOURISM DAY and 2015 celebration is a special one as the tourist sector is celebrating touching the benchmark of 1 billion tourists.

Romanian Parliament

2014 and 2015 WORLD TOURISM DAY celebration where concentrated on Africa growing role in global tourism rapid development.

In 2014 Zimbabwe-World Best Tourist Destination was the official country at the fore of the universal tourism celebration and in 2015 Ethiopia is taking the spotlight as the official center of WORLD TOURISM DAY CELEBRATION.

The WORLD TOURISM DAY celebration will be held across 27 European countries on 27 September 2015 and will be also marked at the European Council on Tourism and Trade headquarters.

On this occasion the Office of The President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade presented the message of President Dr. Anton Caragea on this celebration of world tourism day.

This is the text of the message of WORLD TOURISM DAY-2015 emanating from President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea Press-office.

world Tourism day

 This year´s celebration of World Tourism Day must focus on the ability of tourism to transform society, to enable progress and to empower peoples and nations around the world.

Engaging peoples and nations in tourism progress is the dint by which we are building stronger and more resilient communities.

Tourism it helps people to master a variety of skills and to become masters of their life`s.

 One billion tourists across the world, are one billion opportunities for nations to develop, to integrate, to become better known and ultimately to progress further.

European Council on Tourism and Trade President-Dr. Anton Caragea is welcoming attendees at WORLD TOURISM DAY.

Tourism is having an all out positive impact on agriculture, construction or handicrafts.

In a nutshell, tourism creates millions of jobs and business opportunities.

Tourism is having the capacity to lift people from poverty, promote gender empowerment and help protect the environment.

Today on World Tourism Day, we are celebrating tourism inner ability to constitute itself in a primordial tool to achieve positive changes in communities across the world.

On World Tourism Day, I encourage the international tourism actors and key stakeholders to carve out sustainable policies and ensure that nations and communities worldwide rip the benefits of one billion tourists every year and enjoy the benefits generated by tourism.