During his semestrial press conference Ambassador Tiberius Puiu from European Council on Tourism and Trade Presidential Bureau praised Ethiopia`s Minister of Tourism and Culture, achievements and efforts, during the first month of Ethiopia holding the WORLD BEST TOURISM DESTINATION crown status.

Ambassador Tiberius Puiu noted that according to President Anton Caragea visit and subsequent analyses Ethiopia tourism potential of 20 million tourist per year is fully substantiated .

Ambassador Puiu remarked that: President of the Council, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, said during his visit: Ethiopia deserves the recognition conferred on it as the best tourist destination. 

“You should promote your country to the international community to erase the drought and famine image that some media posted on your country in the past. If this happens, Ethiopia can raise its number of visitors to 20 million over the coming 10 years,” President Anton Caragea said.

H.E. Mr. Ato Amin Abdulkadir- Minister of Tourism and Culture of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia activity  was highly evaluated.

The Minister announced  that Ethiopia has set target to secure seven billion USD revenues from tourism at the end of the second five-year Growth and Transformation Plan Period (GTP).

The plan is to increase the revenue the nation collected from foreign tourists at the end of the first GTP, the just concluded Ethiopian fiscal year, by threefold, Amin Abdulkadir Minister of Tourism said.

Opening new destination for tourists, expanding infrastructure networks and promoting tourist destinations are among the few things to be done in order to meet the target, he said.

Amin said, the government has taken a lesson over the past five years that tourism can be a huge source of revenue for the nation and a major instrument to eradicate poverty as today ethiopian tourism sector employs 700,000 people.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism evaluated also the hotels in Addis Ababa in a larger project to evaluate more than 400 hotels across Ethiopia.

Thirty-eight hotels in Addis Ababa awarded five to one star, in the rating underway for the past few months.

Accordingly, the classification was made based on 12 international criteria. Bedrooms, bath and rest rooms, guest rooms, restaurants, kitchen, sustainability of hotel service, security and employ treatment, are amongst the reasons.

If this fervent activity will continue we will have to hail Minister Amin Abdulkadir as the most active african tourism minister, concluded his presentation Ambassador Tiberius Puiu, on behalf of Presidential Bureau of European Council on Tourism and Trade.