Danube Delta was always recognised as a land of uniqueness: a place unique in Europe, the greatest and most attractive world delta complex, the most impressive natural sanctuary of Europe and from now one is also the place where exist the most luxurious and well equipped hotel in a Delta: the PUFLENE RESORT.

PUFLENE RESORT -gazda diplomatilor

PUFLENE RESORT: a perfect place to start your journey in the splendid DANUBE DELTA.

Puflene resort is the beneficiary of a perfect position: at the end of the road that connects the city of  Tulcea (the entry point into the Danube Delta) to Murighiol, the last great city, before the Danube starts the journey to the sea, ending at Sulina, where old Danube meets Black Sea.

The perfect position allows PUFLENE RESORT to be used for a discovery trip of Danube Delta treasures, excursions that can last from a few hours  to a few days trip.

PUFLENE RESORT -gazda diplomatilor-PUFLENE RESORT-diplomats houseWorths mentioning that: the experienced team ofPUFLENE RESORT can take care even of the smallest details of your journey through Danube Delta, putting at your disposal a large array of speed boats, cruise ships and sailing boats, that will allow you to explore even the hidden corners, in the search of the unique flora and fauna hosted by mirific Danube Delta.

If relaxation is what you seek, than also the hospitality complex PUFLENE can be your destination of choice, as will offer you the opportunity to go fishing, in the boundaries of the complex and will also provide you with in-house delights like: corporal treatments, massage, gym, indoor pool and outdoor wadding pool, sauna and even a salt mine, all reunited in a complex SPA, unique in Danube Delta and Black Sea region.

Mihai Puflene-Chairman PUFLENE RESORTEncompassing more than 10 hectares, the PUFLENE RESORTis offering for tourists large areas, specially destined for outdoor sports like: football field, tennis courts,  jogging tracks and even adventure sports towers.

10 hectare de lux la PUFLENE RESORT-10 hectares of luxury at Puflene Resort

Ten hectares of luxury and amusements in DANUBE DELTA.

For children and families cruising after a year of hard work only PUFLENE RESORT is the address of choice.

The children are enjoying a kingdom of wonder, spanning over 10 hectares of perfect paradise and the matures can also enjoy relaxation and enjoy the interaction with water, sun and Danube Delta unique climate of relaxation.

With 106 rooms and 16 villas, the complex is an example of good organization and comfort: all rooms are enjoying the amenities like: minibar, safes, cable television, internet connection, free wi-fi, phone, hair dryer, balcony, air conditioning, VingCard access keys, making your leisure time an occasion for perfect joy and relaxation so needed in the stressful modern world.

Saramura de crapA strong point that needs to be emphasized is the PUFLENE RESTORT restaurant, that is offering 300 places and a menu that will dignify the royals.

All that was ever invented by Romanian, Greek or Russian cuisine, in the field of fish based gourmet palatable pleasures can be ordered here and the Danube best chefs will create you a culinary paradise for the most demanding palates.

Stiuca umpluta _Stuffed pike Starting this moment, PUFLENE RESORT must be on your discovery bucket list as will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique landscape of Danube Delta in the most luxurious and pleasurable surroundings.

President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Mihai Puflene-Chairman of PUFLENE RESORT

Mihai Puflene, the men who restored to life tourism in Danube Delta is congratulated by H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, European Council on Tourism and Trade President on the occasion of diplomats visit to Danube (August 2016).

 No matter what will be the reason of your visit: the yearning for discovery, the hope of a unique vacation or just the pleasure of relaxation and enjoyment of leisure, there is one place in the Danube Delta that can offer you all this feelings in a perfect package: PUFLENE RESORT.

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